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The properties are the information that you need to extract from documents.

For example, you might need dates and names from an invoice, or numbers and addresses from a contract, and so on.

AIDA will help and guide you in the creation of properties by means of simple questions. This will enable you to create properties with the appropriate format that meets your needs.

Creating a property

To create a new property press New Property within the desired group.

AIDA will ask you to choose:

The name

Choose the name under which the property will be displayed in the user interface. For example, a date may be called Document Date or simply Date.

AIDA while writing the name will try to suggest the right format, but if it fails to do so, it will ask you to select the format category.

The name of the property can be changed at any time.

If the value is required for approval

This option enables two specific behaviours:

If enabled , this means that the property is mandatory and must have a value. If AIDA fails to impute any value to the property, it will generate an error and the document will not be approved automatically.

In this case AIDA will request a check from you in order to value the property correctly.

If deactivated , it means that the property is not mandatory and may not be present.

In this case, even if AIDA does not find the value of the property or the property is simply not present in the document, AIDA will approve the document without requiring any further verification on your part.

The format category

If AIDA did not automatically find the right format for your property, it will ask you to choose the most suitable format category for the property you want to extract.

You can choose between:

  • Text: Textual information, with or without a specific format.
  • Number: Numeric information such as whole numbers, decimals or financial amounts.
  • Date/Time: Informazione di tipo temporale, come date ed orari.
  • QRCode/Barcode: 1D barcodes and 2D cryptograms.

AIDA distinguishes between 2 different types of format:

Modifying a property

To change the position of a property or move it to another group, press to the left of the name and move it with the mouse.

To change the name and format of a property press the button to enter the property configurations and go to the General Configuration section.

Deleting a property

To delete a property, press the button .