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With AIDA, we mean Artificial Intelligence for Document Automation, and it was designed to make Artificial Intelligence easily accessible to everyone.

AIDA is capable of recognizing any type of document and, based on the user's needs, extracting all the necessary information through an intuitive learning process that does not require technical skills.

Once the documents are processed, AIDA provides all the acquired information, allowing users to use it according to their needs. It is possible to store documents according to specific criteria, export information in common formats, or send documents to external Destinations via the various predefined options within AIDA.

Once AIDA has learned your way of working, it will perform everything autonomously and automatically.


The registration process is simple:

  • Visit the registration page .
  • Enter the required information and click on Create my account.
  • Check your email inbox and activate your account using the confirmation link sent.
  • Login using the credentials provided during registration.

From this moment, you will have 10 pages per month to explore and use AIDA, forever!

AIDA offers a range of plans to meet every need:

  • Starter
  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Business
  • Business plus
  • Enterprise

For further information and to discover the benefits of each plan, we invite you to visit our website .

Before you start using AIDA, please refer to the How AIDA Works page to discover all the available features.