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AIDA stands for Artificial Intelligence for Document Automation and is designed to make Artificial Intelligence available, in a simple way, to everyone.

AIDA is able to recognise any type of document and, depending on the user's needs, extract all the information needed, with a simple learning process that requires no technical knowledge.

Once the documents have been processed, AIDA makes all the acquired information available for use according to your needs, such as archiving the document according to certain criteria, exporting the information in the most frequently commonly used formats or simply sending the document outside the platform through the various Destination already predefined within the platform itself.

Once AIDA learns your way of working, it will do everything autonomously and automatically.


The registration process is simple:

  • visit the registration page ;
  • enter the required data and click on Create my free account;
  • check the e-mail you provided during registration and activate your account;
  • Log in with the credentials you entered during registration;

From this moment you have 30 free days to explore and get to know AIDA.

Trial accounts do not have access to enterprise features (data extraction from tables, unlimited archive), and can process up to a maximum of 30 pages.

After reaching this threshold, or after the trial period has expired, you will still be able to access all your documents, but you will not be able to upload and process new documents.

During the registration phase you will not be asked to provide any payment methods, but you are free to add them at any time during your trial period. In this way you will be able to overcome the 30-page limitation.

Before you start using AIDA, visit the How AIDA works page to find out all the features.