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The activities allow you to associate internal or external actions to AIDA that can complete the workflow around the document.

Activities can be created in two different ways:

Through archive: within the archive page, select the documents you wish to set an activity to, then click the icon and add a comment.

During the approval of the document: when AIDA asks you to confirm the analysed document, a pop-up will appear briefly describing the document flow. Selecting the field "Create an activity for this document" field will give us the possibility to enter a comment.

At this point, going to the "Tasks" section you will find the documents ready to be processed. If the document has been set a schedule with a due date, you will find the document both in the Schedule tab and in the tab corresponding to the type of document.

When you consider that the activity is complete, you can definitively file the document by pressing the Done button or, alternatively, by accessing the drop-down menu next to the Done button you can choose to carry out four other actions:

  • Apply a QRCode: with this activity you can apply a QRCode on the document with the values of the document properties, with the URL of the document on AIDA, or with free text.

  • Apply a watermark: with this activity you can apply a watermark to the document with the document name or with free text.

  • Apply a protocol: with this activity you can apply a barcode to the document, using the most commonly used barcode formats.

  • Insert a cover page: with this activity you can create an A4 size sheet with free text to be inserted before the document, or an A3 size page with free text that can be used as a document holder booklet.

Multiple tasks can be carried out on the same document, and once completed, they remain tracked in the document's history, which only becomes available again in the Archive.