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With data-driven you transform properties extracted from documents in AIDA into specific, ready-to-use data.

These settings enable you, in a simple way and with just a few clicks, to adopt a Big Data-oriented approach, thus considerably improving the user and consultation experience, increasing your analysis capacity and finally activating automatic massive actions with a high degree of reliability.

In this section we can configure:

File management

In this section we can manage:

File name

If the value contained in this section is not configured, AIDA will name the file with its original name, but if you want to customise the name, click Configure File Name and customise the name.

To define the name automatically and dynamically, AIDA provides you with all the properties you have created and some generic properties that are always present.

You can also write to complete the name or simply add dividers.

Output path

AIDA can automatically create a folder structure in which to store your documents at the output stage, based on data extracted from the document itself.

To take advantage of this option, you must at least have defined a Destination for your document type.

To define the path just click Configure output path, then you will be shown a drop-down menu where you can select either the properties you created or the generic properties proposed by AIDA.

Once you have confirmed the first folder with the button, you can define all the sub-folders you will need by clicking the or, if appropriate, delete them .


The schedule is used to manage the due date information of a document, such as a payment date, the departure date of a trip or the date of a hearing.

To enable scheduling, it is necessary to define at least one property to be extracted with the format Date.

Documents that generate a task and have a due date are shown either by due date in the Scheduled section, or by document type in their own section.

When at least one Date format property has been created, you can configure:

Create calendar event

This default option is always enabled.

AIDA will treat all dates you enter in the Event date field as calendar events. For each event, you will receive an e-mail containing an invitation, so that you can also add the event to your calendar, as well as have the respective document in the Scheduled tab.

If you do not wish to use this option, disabling it will cause AIDA to display the document only in the Scheduled tab.

Use more than one event date

This option is useful if there is more than one event to be scheduled in a document.

If the option is enabled it will be allowed to configure more than one Date format property to be used as the Event date. Consequently, AIDA will create a task for each configured date.

Event date

Select the format property Date.

Event start time

AIDA gives you four choices:

  • All day
  • 9:00
  • 12:00
  • 18:00


With this function Aida gives you the possibility to define currency and derivative properties that identify credit and debit flows.

The property types concerned are:

Business Intelligence

In this section you must choose which property of type date is to be used as the document's own.

This property can be used to create aggregate statistics and dedicated views.