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This input flow is used to receive documents through a simple e-mail, AIDA captures and analyses both the simple attachment (see supported file types) and the body of the e-mail, turning the written text into a real PDF document.

You can also use this function to receive scanned files from printers that do not have the AIDA app but can send the documents by e-mail.

To enable this exchange, AIDA automatically generates a free mailbox and a dedicated e-mail address for each type of document.

The address of the inbox is always available in the input page of the document type, you can copy it by clicking or save it in your personal address book by clicking .

By pressing the Configure button you can manage two behaviours:

Capture email content

With this option enabled AIDA is able to capture the entire body of the e-mail (including sender, recipients, subject of the e-mail and date sent) and transform it into a PDF document. Once transformed it will be analysed and archived with the same rules as set in the document type.

In addition, you will be asked if you should capture the body of the e-mail only in the absence of attachments, which means:

  • If the option is enabled , AIDA will check for attachments before capturing the body of the e-mail, if it finds them, it will not capture the body of the e-mail but process only the attachments.

    If no document is found, AIDA will capture the body of the e-mail and turn it into a PDF document for analysis.

  • If the option is deactivated , AIDA will always capture both the body of the e-mail turning it into a PDF and the attachments.

Processes image type attachments

Email signatures often contain images. These types of files (usually found in JPG, PNG and GIF formats) can be mistakenly considered as attachments and therefore captured and analysed by AIDA. To avoid signatures being analysed as if they were attachments, the default behaviour of AIDA is to ignore them.

With this option you can decide whether to also capture and analyse attachments contained in signatures.

If the option is enabled , you can also set the minimum size, i.e. the minimum weight the image must have to be accepted, indicating to AIDA a threshold under which it will ignore JPG, PNG and GIF attachments.

The default size is 100 KB which supports most cases.