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AIDA provides an archive where you can keep a copy of each document.

Within this section you can:

AIDA is able to perform a search by entering any word contained within the document to be searched, thanks to the complete and detailed analysis of the entire document.


In the drop-down menu you can choose from the document types you have previously created, so it will only show you documents uploaded with that document type.

Create a tasks

The tasks allow you to associate actions internal or external to AIDA, that can complete the workflow around the document.

To create an activity select the document and then click , at this point AIDA asks you to add a comment to describe the activity.

Download a document

To download one or more documents to your PC/Mac you should first select the document from the archive list and click .

Delete a document

To delete one or more documents on your PC/Mac you must first select the document from the archive list and click .

Exporting a document

To export the values of the properties extracted from a document, first select the document from the archive list and select the fourth icon in the top right-hand corner.

You can also export several documents at a time.

AIDA will then ask you in which format you want to export the document.
The following formats are currently available:

  • .csv
  • .json
  • .xls
  • .xml

Create columns

AIDA gives you the ability to display some or all of the properties in that document in columns to facilitate visual inspection.

To do this, simply click and choose the properties to display.