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Xerox DocuShare Flex

Xerox® DocuShare® Flex is the Destination that allows you to send documents and properties directly to the DocuShare Flex management system.

Within this page you can configure:

General options

In this section you can configure:


It is useful to customise the name in case you need to create multiple DocuShare Destinations for the same type of document.

Module options

In this section you must configure:

Flex server host

In this field you only have to enter the domain name (for example It must be able to support HTTPS connections

Flex username

Enter the username you use to access the DocuShare® Flex page.

Flex password

Enter the password you use to access the DocuShare® Flex page.

Destination folder

Enter the name of the folder into which you want AIDA to put the files. If you leave it empty, the files will be uploaded to the main Flex folder.

AIDA will use the rules you set in the data-driven page to rename and archive the document.

Duplicate file name behaviour

Decide how AIDA should behave if a file with the same name already exists within the target folder:

  • Create a new version of the document: AIDA will create a new version of the document without deleting the current one, which will become the previous version.
  • Don't overwrite the document in output: If AIDA finds a document with the same name, it will not send the document to its destination.
  • Don't overwrite, add to the file name: AIDA will add at the end of the name a number in ascending order (for example file.1.pdf, file.2.pdf, etc.).
  • Don't overwrite, add z to the file name: AIDA will add the letter "z" and a number to the end of the name in ascending order (for example file.z1.pdf, file.z2.pdf, etc.).

Output object document type

Choose the type of target document object to use on Flex, you can use the standard document or a custom one, either existing or to be created.