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This function allows you to create a dedicated Input channel for each user outside AIDA.

To create this channel, click Configure, and set the following values:

  • Share name: Define the name to be given to this share.
  • E-Mail: Enter the email of the person to whom the secure link should be sent.
  • Properties: If set, AIDA will valorize the selected property with the value indicated in the "value" section.
  • Value: If set, AIDA will valorize the property selected in the "Properties" section with the value defined in "value".

You can configure a channel for each user to whom you wish to allow documents to be sent and, unlike the other input services, it is possible to disable the reception of documents to a single channel without interrupting the entire flow.

The person you indicate will receive an e-mail from the sender The body of the letter will include your name, and a secure, dedicated link with which the external user can upload the documents.

Sharing can also be accessed via the browser of any smartphone.

As soon as the external user uploads the documents, they will be displayed and then processed directly in your account.

The user can use the same link until you decide to stop the flow.

To make this break, simply go to the "share" input configuration page again, select the share name and delete it. You can also in this screen send the link again or change the settings.