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Within this screen you can configure:

General options

In this section you can define the name of the document type in both singular and plural, the icon it should have and its colour.


This section lists the properties that AIDA will extract from the document.

You can also create:

Advanced options

In this section you can configure:

Analyse first page only

Some types of document have the information to be searched for all on the first page. By activating this option it is possible, in these cases, to obtain a considerable saving of processed pages and processing time.

Request manual approval

If you enable this option, all properties for this type of document will require manual approval, regardless of the fact that AIDA may have automatically identified the value.

If this option is enabled , all properties for this type of document will explicitly require to be approved individually.

Maximum number of pages

This option controls the maximum number of pages that a single document can have in its inbox: documents with more pages will be rejected.

The default value -1 disables this check, causing all documents to be accepted regardless of the number of pages.

Automatic page split

With a few simple rules, AIDA can automatically split a single file consisting of many documents by separating them into individual documents.

The automatic separation functionality is activated by selecting "Split when property value changes" from the drop-down menu.

In addition, you must choose the property that controls the division: this is the property that, when changing value, activates the separation, allowing AIDA to recognise the beginning and end of individual documents.