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Relations create links between two or more documents, even of different types, based on the values of properties or the textual content of the document. For example, you can link a contract to a quote or an invoice to a contract and so on.

How it works

When you create a relationship AIDA will start linking documents according to the rules you specify.

To see the documents that are related to a specific document, select the document from the AIDA repository and open the Relationships panel. This will allow you to browse all related documents by simply clicking on the title of the chosen document.

How to create a relationship

To create a relationship between two or more documents, you must go to the Configuration page and select Relationships.

First you have to choose which document types to correlate and which properties determine the connection.

Before confirming, you must choose the rule that controls the linking of property values.

You can choose between:

Property Values

  • is the same
  • is contained in
  • contains
  • is contained exactly in
  • contains exactly

Document text

  • is contained in the text
  • is contained exactly in the text
  • contains in the text
  • contains exactly the text

Let's assume you want to link two document types. You have a document type called "Supplier Contract" with a property called "Contract Number" and another document type called "Invoices" with a property called "Contract Reference".

In order to link contracts to invoices received from the same, you must indicate "Supplier Contract" as the first document type and select "Contract Number" as the first property to be linked. Next, indicate as the second document type "Invoices" indicating the property they have in common and which determines a unique link, in this case "Contract Reference".

At this point, choose the rule that controls the 'is equal' link and create the relationship.

AIDA will show you a preview of your workflow, giving you the option of renaming it.

You can create as many relations as you wish, either within an already created flow or within new flows by pressing the Create relation button.

Lookup based on relationships

By creating a relationship between two properties, AIDA will configure the lookup and subsequent auto-completion of values. To enable auto-completion of values you must create a relation for each property you wish to auto-complete.

For example, if in the document type "Supplier contract" you want to auto-complete the properties "Supplier name", "Supplier address" and "Supplier VAT number", you have to create three different relationships.

To begin with you must press Create relation within the desired flow. You must indicate both in the first type and in the second document type the same value, e.g. "Supplier contract". To continue, you must select in both "Property to link" the same property (in the first relation "Supplier name", in the second relation "Supplier address" and in the third relation "Supplier VAT number") indicating the rule that commands the link "is equal" and create the relation.

It then analyses a first document with which it teaches AIDA what the corresponding values are and where they are located in the document. From the second document onwards, AIDA only needs to find the company name to auto-complete the other fields.

You can extend the same principle into the related document type by making three more similar reports, the only difference being that you have to change the second document type, for example, by indicating 'Invoice payable'.


Relationship-based autocompletion is built with property values extracted from documents. If you delete documents from the archive, you also automatically delete the values that AIDA uses for autocompletion.

How to delete a relation

You can delete either the individual relation or the entire relation chain by pressing the button .