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Xerox DocuShare

Xerox® DocuShare® is the Destination that allows you to send documents and properties directly to DocuShare management.


To use this Destination, AIDA Link must be installed on the machine running the DocuShare server.

Within this page you can configure:

General options

In the General Options section you will find:


It is useful to customise the name in case you need to create several DocuShare Destinations for the same type of document.

Integration key

The integration key is used to make AIDA communicate with the server hosting DocuShare and must be entered during AIDA Link configuration.

It is essential for proper functioning, which is why it is automatically generated by AIDA.

Module options

In this section you must configure:

DocuShare Object Class

In this field you must enter the name that the administrator has chosen at the time of creation.

DocuShare Collection

In this field you must enter the handle of the target DocuShare collection.

AIDA will use the rules you set in the data-driven page to rename and store the document.

Property to use to find the destination

The value in this property will be used to perform a search in DocuShare for the target document to which the document AIDA outputs will be uploaded as a new version.

Leave blank to load all documents in the target collection indicated above as new documents

Block upload when target document is missing

By default, when then target document is not found on DocuShare, the document sent by AIDA to the output will be uploaded as new document.

When this option is enabled , output will throw an error when the target document is missing