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Dropbox is the Destination that allows you to send documents directly within your Dropbox repository.

To enable this communication you can either connect your AIDA account to your Dropbox account via the button Link your Dropbox account or choose an existing connection (already used in another destination or document type).

Communication between AIDA and Dropbox is secure because it is based on the OAuth 2.0 protocol. For more information you can visit the site of OAuth

Once your account is linked, you can configure:

Target folder

With this option you can choose whether to send documents to a specific folder or to the main folder.

AIDA will use the rules you set in the Data-driven page to rename and archive the document.

Duplicate file name behaviour

Decide how AIDA should behave if a file with the same name already exists within the target folder:

  • Overwrite: AIDA will replace the old with the new
  • Don't overwrite, add <index> to the file name: AIDA will add an increasing number to the end of the name (for example file.1.pdf, file.2.pdf, etc)
  • Don't overwrite, add z<index> to the file name: AIDA will add the letter 'z' and an increasing number to the end of the name (for example file.z1.pdf, file.z2.pdf, ecc)

Dropbox does not support the following characters in file and folder names: \ / : ? * < > " |

If AIDA finds them, it will replace the unsupported character with the underscore _ before sending the document to Dropbox.