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The table is the tool used to recognise and extract repeated values from a document, such as the rows of a table.

Creating a table

To create a table, go to the document type configuration page, go to the Properties section and press the New Table button.

AIDA suggests five of the most commonly used collumns of which only two are mandatory defoult, you can use these or create new ones.

To create, change or delete the properties of a table, you must first create it with the suggested properties, then go to the document type configuration page for changes.

To create, edit or delete a property, go to the page Creating a property.

Analysing a table

Once the document is loaded, in the section analysis with a few clicks and in an adaptive manner, you can teach AIDA the position of the values on the line.

To do this, select the first property of the table from the list of properties on the left and click on the right where the corresponding information is located in the table, and so on with all the properties (columns) you wish to extract from the table.

Once you have completed this operation on the first row, click on the Analyses table button and automatically AIDA will search all subsequent rows and extract all found values of each row into a single property group, numbering it with the corresponding row number.

In case AIDA does not extract all rows, you can add and remove rows manually with the buttons Add row and Delete row.