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Intelligent formats

Some intelligent formats are based on an individual model of Machine Learning, others on a specific algorithm, but all have in common that they are searched on the document even without prior learning.

These are more advanced formats that allow customised behaviour for each of them:

Barcode 1D/2D

Any one- and two-dimensional barcode, such as: EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-14, UPC-A, JAN, ISBN-10, ISBN-13, ISSN, Code 39, Code 128, PZN for 1D barcodes and QRCode for 2D barcodes.

Company name

Any company name, such as "Acme Ltd." or "Widgets Gmbh".


A date from any text, such as '21 September 2020' or '06/09/20'.

Email address

Any email address in the canonical form of

Geographical location

Any geographical location, such as street addresses, cities, towns and so on.

IBAN code

This is a 27-character code consisting of a series of letters and numbers that summarises all the main information of a specific current account.

Licence plate

The car number plate is an alphanumeric code consisting of 7 characters.

Person ID

Any unique identifier for a person entity. This depends on the country, so it can be Tax Code, SSN, NIN and so on.

Person's full name

Any combination of people's first and last names.

POD number

This is a 14 or 15 digit alphanumeric code that identifies the meter and the electricity utility.

Regular expression

You can set your regular expression in the Regular expression field: it will be used for both extraction and validation of user input.

Time (hours:minutes)

Any instant in time expressed in hours:minutes.

Time range (hours:minutes hours:minutes)

AIDA identifies the start date of a time frame.

VAT number

VAT numbers from different countries are supported. AIDA tries to find the right format for each country.

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Il numero di telaio dei veicoli (anche VIN – Vehicle Identification Number) racchiude in una sequenza di 17 caratteri, tra numeri e lettere, tutte le caratteristiche produttive