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To enter the property configuration, press the button .

Within this screen you can configure:

General configuration

In this section you can configure:

  • Name: the name to be given to the property.
  • Format: there are two types, the base formats and the smart formats.
  • Format specialisation: You can choose a format specialisation to customise it to your needs.
  • Required: Determines whether the value must be present or not to be output.

Advanced configuration

  • Search Mode: Mode by which the property will be searched.
  • Default value: insert a default value for this property that will be used if AIDA cannot find the value in the document.
  • Exclude: Enter the words that AIDA should not take into account for the intelligent search.

Lookup of values

In this section you can select a list of values created in the Lookup section in order to identify and determine the value of the property. AIDA compares the value found in the document with the list.

Una volta abilitato l'opzione Abilita lookup si apriranno delle nuove impostazioni:

  • Lookup module: you must choose which type of database to use.

  • Lookup list: in the AIDA list shows you all the lists you can use. If you select a table with multiple columns, you must indicate which column it corresponds to.

  • Allow only lookup values: If this option is activated , this property may only have values in the lookup list.

    If no valid value is found, this property will remain empty.

Additional behaviours

In this section you can configure:

  • Use global intelligence: this function takes advantage of A.I.'s learning and its continuous improvement.
  • Available on device: if enabled, it will be possible to set the value of this property directly on the device that is capturing the input.
  • Request manual approval: if enabled, this property will always require manual approval, regardless of the fact that AIDA can automatically detect the value.
  • Allow manual input: if enabled, allows the user to enter the value, regardless of what is in the document, thus ignoring A.I..
  • Behaviour on expansion: manages the behaviour of the property when expanding the section to neighbouring values.

Output behaviour

In this section you can configure:

  • Output mapping: set the name of the metadata to be output.
  • Maximum output length: determine the maximum length that the name should have in output .