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With AIDA you can receive documents directly from the WhatsApp app .

To enable this exchange, AIDA creates a chat with the person you indicated in the configuration. From then on, each time a document is uploaded to that chat, it will be processed according to the rules of the document type.

To create the WhatsApp invitation, click the Configure button and set it up:


You must indicate the name you wish to associate with the invitation. This information will not be shown to the person, but will serve as a reminder.

WhatsApp number

Select the country code using the drop-down menu, then enter a valid phone number.

The person inviting you must already have WhatsApp installed and active on their smartphone.

Set the value of a property

Choose whether to set a common property value for all incoming documents from the WhatsApp user.

To set the value, activate the option and set:


With the drop-down menu AIDA will show you all properties you have created to choose from.

From now on, whenever AIDA receives a document from that number via chat, it will set that property with the value you entered in Value.


Indicates the value to be given to the chosen property: every incoming document for this share will have this value set.

By pressing the Create and Send button, the number you provided will instantly receive a message on the WhatsApp app with the invitation.

The person you invited can now send documents and photos by message. AIDA will receive them and analyse them according to the rules of the document-type they belong to.

You can create or delete the invitation at any time, just click Configure again and click Create to add a new invitation or click to delete the conversation.

If you would like a national WhatsApp number, contact us .