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AIDA Mobile

AIDA allows you to scan a new document directly from your mobile device or tablet with the AIDA Mobile app.

At the moment it is only available for the iOS platform.

Apple App store

With the iOS app you can only send documents to AIDA, the analysis and teaching will be handled solely by the web application.

The document can be acquired in two ways:

With a photo

With this function you can upload a document via a simple photo. If you have documents with several pages simply take a photo of all the pages one after the other.

Once taken, AIDA adjusts the perspective of the photograph, crops it and gives you the opportunity to correct the colours with three different settings.

AIDA also gives you the option of choosing the paper size. Depending on your choice, AIDA will resize the document to fit the format.

The document will be automatically transformed into PDF. If your document consists of several pages, a single PDF will be created with all the photos.

Uploading it from your iPhone/iPad

You can upload both photos and files directly from your device.

More details and uses of the AIDA Mobile application, visit AIDA Mobile