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Introduction to document types

To create a new document type, press the New Document Type button in the sidebar of the main page.

You can create your own document type by being guided step by step by AIDA in the choice of properties. The first step is to create at least one property group or, alternatively, you can choose the pre-configured document type and have a document type already complete and ready to use.

Property Group

The creation of the guided document type starts with the creation of a property group:

  1. Group choice
  2. Identification
  3. Customisation

Go to the property groups page to learn how to create a property group from scratch.

  1. Summary: Once you get to step 4, you can choose to immediately create another group by pressing the button New Property Group and repeat the operation you just performed or go to the creation of the document type.

  2. Document type: Now all you have to do is choose a name to give to the document type, choose a icon and a colour.

Pressing the New document type button will take you to the main configuration page where you can see all properties created so far.

Pre-configured document types

If you choose this option, AIDA makes you choose some pre-configured templates with groups and properties already defined and taught to AIDA and, for this reason, the modification of properties is only allowed in part. You are free, however, to configure new properties and delete pre-existing ones.

The creation of the AIDA-driven document type takes place in 3 steps:

  1. Configuration: AIDA provides you with some pre-set document types that allow you to already have a starting template.

  2. Choose a name: Aida already proposes you a name in both singular and plural, you can change it to your liking.

  3. Choose icon and colour: Again, AIDA offers you an icon and a colour, confirm it or change it to your liking.