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Introduction to Document Type

The Document Type is a container of data (in AIDA they are called properties) and characteristics useful for AIDA to analyse the document and process it according to your needs.


  • In the General section you can define the properties to be extracted from the document
  • In the Data-driven section you transform properties extracted from documents into specific, ready-to-use data
  • On the Input page you configure the various ways of uploading or receiving a document
  • On the Destination page you integrate the document and its data with your solutions

You can create as many document types as you deem useful and necessary. If you need to, you can clone a document type by going to the document type configuration page and pressing the Clone button at the top right.

To delete the document type instead, again on the configuration page, press the Delete button.


When you delete a document type, all documents of that type in the archive will also be deleted.