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Properties are the information you need to extract from documents.

For example, you might need dates and names from an invoice, or numbers and addresses from a contract, and so on.

Each property can be configured with many options, of which 3 are required:

Property Name

The property name is the name by which a property is set and which will be displayed in the user interface.

For example, a date can be called either Document date or simply Date, or anything else.

The property name can be changed at any time.

Property type

The property type is the type of data with which the property is configured. AIDA distinguishes between two categories:

Required value

This option enables two specific behaviours:

If activated , it means that the property is mandatory and must have a value. This implies that the property must imperatively have a value; if AIDA fails to impute any value to the property, the document will not be approved automatically.

In this case AIDA will stop the flow and request a verification by the user in order to correctly value the property.

If deactivated , it means that the property is not mandatory and may not be present.

In this case, even if AIDA does not find the value of the property or simply the property is not present in the document, AIDA will approve the document without requiring further verification by the user.