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Installation on Windows operating system

Installing AIDA Link on your Windows operating system is easy. Once you have downloaded the installation program, extract it wherever you want.

From the extracted files, run AIDALinkInstaller.exe.

Follow the steps of the wizard and once the installation is complete, AIDA Link will be running as an auto-launch service on your system.

If you need to save documents on your NAS, you need to install AIDA Link on any device connected to the same network.

Installing on Linux operating system

Linux configuration depends on your choice of Linux distribution.

The best way to handle AIDA Link is to use a SystemD script that runs the command:

java -jar AIDALink.jar

Keep in mind that the command must be run from the same directory that contains the JAR file.

If you need help with installation in a Linux environment, contact us and we will guide you through the installation.